released May 23, 2015

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Travesty Of Mankind Reidsville, North Carolina

Extreme Music band from Reidsville NC.

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Track Name: Enter
Track Name: Caves
Memories of my sins
Sketched then carved
Into the walls of the caves
Within my mind

The Scribe is my conscience
Chisel and hammer in hand
Ready to do his work
Instructed by every draining decision
Every crevice created is filled with burning tar
To ensure a permanent mark of shame
I will always be the one to blame
Jesus may forgive me but how do I forgive myself

I was not born to love myself
I was not built to love myself

Is there something wrong with me?
These cave within my mind
Prevent me from fearing death
For death will be my release

From fornication to lying
These are the sins I can never forget
Desperate and I’m crying for help
These are the scars that I’ve always felt

Scribe are you listening?
Can you hear what I’m saying?
From behind my eyes
Your work is slowly killing me
I’m slowly killing myself

I do not hold on to my past
My past holds on to me
Only the Infinite One
Can reconstruct me

I am a mess
I am a disaster
Forever limping
For these caves, they cripple