by Travesty Of Mankind



9 Tracks of whatever this stuff is.
Drums were recorded in my basement back at home.
Everything else was recorded in my dorm at UNCG.


released March 24, 2017

Label: Mortuus Music
Mixing: Darryn Palmer
Mastering: Darryn Palmer
Artwork: Zack Glaeser
Guitars: Zack Glaeser
Bass: Zack Glaeser
Vocals: Zack Glaeser
Drums: Zack Glaeser
Electronics: Zack Glaeser
Writing: Zack Glaeser

Special thanks to...
Lysergic acid diethylamide, Lisdexamfetamine, Canabis, any and all things SUS.

My Homies...
Jesus Christ, Ant Council, Griffin Daniels, Colton Steele, David Lavey, Daniel Ervin, Tyler Johnson, Kurt Donahue, Hailee Anderson, Kasey Frye, Carly Robar, Cindy Weissing, Ian Browning, AJ, DC, Darryn Palmer, Noel Ruiz, Kenzer Avis, Christian Berkley, Tomo Kinoshita, Alex Ives, Wes Fancis, Nickk Stuart, Cody Johnson, Bryon Johnson, Andrew Blum (RIP buddy), Kristen Glaeser, Mom, Dad, Roberto Granados, Austin Anker, David Angle, Marshall White, Ian Rierson, Josh Rierson, Zach English, Vyom Nautiyal, Tres Duran, Morgan Glass, Ben Duerr, Will Xantana, Cesar Palacios, Zach Baranes, Dimitri Enrique, Cameron Price, Chayse Mortag, Jebadiah Michael, Nicolas DeChurch, Tim Pavlik, Mary Shepherd, Nicholas Forrester, Eli Andrew Vincent, Ashley, Rob, Nic Statham, Justin Sayne McNeil, Brandon Cash, Max Julian Eastman, Nick Mills, Ricky Witte, Trevin Moulton, Mikey Rojas, Colson Enderby, Darrin Gould, and every Travesty Of Mankind fan or friend out there.



all rights reserved


Travesty Of Mankind Reidsville, North Carolina

Extreme Music band from Reidsville NC.

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Track Name: Refuckulated Vag-Skinned Wallet

Inside my eyes I can feel the miraculous pain
Can you see that my heart has just become
My heart has been swallowed
By A
Blackened hollow creature
Off meth and anxiety
She wont
Ever stop crying

I will smash every fucking word you laugh and play
With my broken hands I will tear you into pieces
My forgiveness is nothing to take advantage of
Even when it shows as my biggest weakness


I take your flesh I eat it up
Is this what you fucking want
Take a breath for the last time
Self defense isn’t a fucking crime

It always comes back to this thought
I wish had never been redeemed
It feels the whole entire world
Will never understand the cost

Before it’s too late
Track Name: Imposter Syndrome
It’s been far too long
It’s been far too long for me not to see this

I could never feel the love of progress in me unless I gave it all away
I’m not good enough to be me it always seemed
I’ve always credited the ones who held me back
I was far too blinded by the emotions to see the damage that was being done to me

It’s a fucking joke the way we try to feel any sort of comfort in horrible situations
I need the fucking drugs, I need the fucking drugs
Give me the antidote before I die of cardiac suffocation
I need the fucking drugs, I need the fucking drugs

I don’t know why we need a fucking reason to live our own life with faith
The skepticism of one’s own ability is deceiving to your Earthly eyes
I know it’s the truth for me and you. This is what we were made to do.
The black hole consumes, your soul, the way you live your life.

I lost the pain of disappointment when I rewarded myself with a smile
The weight is all on me and that’s the way it should be
That's the only way I’ll feel anything anyways
With a weight on my back far too heavy to hold for long


I am the imposter, I am the disease
I’m what makes you stronger, I’m what brings you to your knees
You take what you can get, I give it all for free
A life of greed, is not a life that I would like to be

A life with God is all that I need
I do not doubt him for I know he’s there
Outside watching in a way we can’t understand
You’re not so useless, You’re not so useless after all.
Track Name: Euphoric Sounds of a Multiversal Reality
I like staring off into space
Look down at the crowds before me
I can't breath
They looked to me and smiled
The distant world
Senior Award day
I didn't dress up fancy
I will never glamorize myself
To fit the room
These high intentions
Are too much to handle
For me
At times
But I'm only pushing myself
Over anyone else
It's a lonely feeling
But I stay high
When I talk to your faces
You're looking at a dead man
So when you're speaking to me
Remember that what's happening
In my head is not what it seems like
Another world has been introduced
It's made my life feel like it's used
Dried out of any joy
Metaphorical diamonds are toys
I will never know success
Not truly
Not to me
Until I leave the earth
Track Name: Como Breestas (ft. Christian Berkley)
Ill admit that I have nothing to say about the way that the Earth spins on it’s axis
But one thing I do know that you’ve watched me grow into this tree

Among the forests I sat quietly
Waiting for God to give me the signal
So the forest, alive, mocked me, dead
There would be a time to arise, now

I bow to the maker before this world
Now, brothers and sisters, this is the time
This is the light we have been living to see
This is the light we have been living to see

(Christian Berkley Guest Spot)
Ignoring the hatred of the lifeless
While we crush their resources to a pulp
This is no ordinary responsibility for us
Destruction to save the rest from destruction

Take it to the next level to find our life
Track Name: Unconditional Breakthrough
My anxiety
Has been giving me anxiety
The past never fails to rot my mind
I think about thinking all the time
Furious structure that stands over me
Angry with height and authority
My soul roams inside aimlessly
My body can't enter the minority
My body can't enter the minority

The way we look around the fence
Hoping for a gate or a door to be
Somewhere along the lines of conformity
There's still a distance to be made
Before we can be
Something we were meant to see

The future has a place for you
No matter the unconditional love that grew
For something you hold on to
In the past
Forever sitting around smoking grass
Forever sitting around smoking grass