Joseph: The Dream Reader 2​.​0

by Travesty Of Mankind



released September 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Travesty Of Mankind Reidsville, North Carolina

Extreme Music band from Reidsville NC.

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Track Name: Joseph: The Dream Reader 2.0

Your dreams will come true
You dreams will come true

Jealous brothers plotting his end
Little did they know
His trials would soon pay off
Through his faith in God

Through his faith in God
Through his faith in God

You shall soon bow before me
The sun, The Moon and eleven stars
But they did not chose to believe
They planned to end his life
Dreams he could comprehend
A gift from God, the infinite
Jealousy ruled as the brothers dipped his robe in red

Sold to Potiphar to become a slave
Joseph was tempted, but he never gave in
For Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph
He never gave into the lust and stayed loyal to the Lord

The beautiful wife lied to Potiphar about Joseph
Leading to Joseph’s life in a jail cell
Reading the dreams of his cell mates
They listened in amazement and joy

There was a cupbearer that was soon to be released
The would forget the ability Joseph had, until

Two years have passed until the Pharaoh had a dream
The cupbearer remembered Joseph and what he’s done
Joseph was then sent to the Pharaoh to read his dream

To read his dream

The Pharaoh asked Joseph,
“Do you understand Dreams?”
He said,”I can’t but God helps me”
So the Pharaoh told of his dream
“Famine will strike for 7 years”
“What must I do?”
“He’ll show you the way”

The Pharaoh believed Joseph’s words
Joseph then become in charge of Egypt’s land
Over 10 years have passed since he last saw his brothers
The day then came that they were bowing before the important man he had become