The Planting Of A Dangerous Seed

by Travesty Of Mankind



released March 1, 2016

Thanks so much to Devon Groat of Pillars Of Autumn for mixing and mastering this music! We couldn't have gotten this sound without him.



all rights reserved


Travesty Of Mankind Reidsville, North Carolina

Extreme Music band from Reidsville NC.

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Track Name: Scene Kid Genocide
All they want to talk about is their dyed hair
All they ever talk about is breathing someone else's air
Fake and trendy, personality empty
They don't like this so they go listen to BT
The ugly ones practice inhales
Looking for a band to get all of the other posers
Lifestyle so plastic, hating on all of the classics
My reaction is not anger
My reaction comes from annoyance
Music is not a game
This kind of people drive me insane
are they
I must know
Smash their faces into the walls
Pile their unconcious bodies
Inside the empy warehouse
And we shall ignight this place
Burn it down
Track Name: The Planting Of A Dangerous Seed (Ft. Chayse Mortag)
Floating sensation fills the feet
When the ind is altered from it’s normal state
There is never time taken to realize what’s at stake
When you’re high you never realize what you have
In the real world there are consequences for actions
There is a brighter side of life that we can chose to live
The dark of the world is not where we belong
Hate me for speak out and against the world’s warped view
But this place has grown to become accepting of the sinful ways
we should be fighting off to be clean
To be clean
You don’t want to believe because you don’t want to change
Once the seed is planted an evil plant grows
Roots spread throughout the brain
They question
What is the point?
What is the point?
What is the point?
Some think its good and they want to be accepted
Don’t be so weak with the choices you decide to make
There i no trial a human faces that a human can’t overcome
Track Name: No Bree Gusta
Living a selfish way but claiming to follow christ
This is the filth that I’m always talking about
Not everything is about you and I’ll be the first to say it
Spectating is different from playing the game
Gimmicks make me sick
Bastardizing the holy word
It’s the one thing that destroys me
My heart is taking every single blow
Every single blow
I take to the chest
Every single blow
I take to the chest
With hate in the oppressor’s heart
They want to kill any hope for the unknowing
A real conection exists
To complex to understand or explain
Tearing down the world’s good every step of the way
While we follow behind
Repairing the damage that you caused
Deny the God before you
And face eternal punishment
You say it’s harsh
But you’re the one who
But you’re the one who
Lives in hate
Driven by fear
Denying the very love before you
You know it’s real
Don’t claim you don’t
The media rules your mind
Creating a puppet out of you
What worth are you now?
Deny the God before you
And God will deny the helpless soul
Before his holy kingdom
I will never understand the ignorance so hate me
I will never understand the ignorance so hate me
Track Name: Addiction 2.0
As you peel the skin from your face
You scream in agony, you scream in agony
I am your new God now, I control you
I laugh hysterically, I laugh hysterically
I am your God, I created you
I am your God, I created a better you
I am the death of you
There will be no survival
From the start this was the end
This is your life,
Peer pressure suicide
This is your life
It’s all controlled by me
It’s only a matter of time
until there is nothing left
of you
Track Name: Footprints Of The Soon Forgotten
I walk
I walk among these wastelands
Filled with broken souls
Never does a day go by that
I forget to look to the sky
Your face assures me that there is still life
In the mind that I feel is growing dead
To see the light that you shine is an opportunity
To fix what has been broken by the past
The hate radiates so cold from the people
That wish death upon my own kind
As prophesied our
Numbers will shrink
And the remaining shall be condemned by the lifeless ones
Fearing nothing
We stand for the infinite
That the rest
Refuse to see
My savior says that those who confess him before man will be confessed by him before his father in heaven
With his confession comes courage that fearless followers can commit
Show no shame for the walk will always fill you with purpose
Never opening your mouth will suffocate you
Because everyone needs air to breath
I stand before my savior
Without fear in me
I stant before my savior
Without fear in me
Track Name: Process Of Humiliation
A lifeless body she hangs
From the base of a ceiling fan
She tried to escape the noose
That day
Her life
She would lose
From the top of the room
She last saw
She hung so very tall
How will we every forget this
This, her mess, you must clean up
Some say it was a selfish move
But it would have been so wrong
To continue to live life the way she was
Harnessing nothing but evil memories
Standing in disbelief they find themselves
Struggling to escape the noose that seduces her neck
There is none else to blame
In you’re mind you go insane
There is none else to blame
Take your guilt and take your shame
You deserve to feel her pain
She can rest and rid the pain from her chest
What she became is now dead
You took something sacred
And raped it of it’s life
You stole the poor girls heart
And buried it in the ground
Now she’s finally dead and in her resting place she will remain for eternity
A library a human is
And a library you caused to burn down
Into nothing but a lifeless sack of skin
Track Name: Amanda Todd
Suffering the
Pressure of
Never being
Accepted by anyone
She was not
No one is completely
But there was a flaw
In the reason
Sad stories of suicide make us question
How did she think that this could save her?
We are
A sorrowful people of Earth
The sick feed
From the weak
This is how
Lives end so young
These disgusting wastes of this world
The weak crave
Any type of attention
All the females
Become whores without excuse
And all the males
Sit in empty minds
Both doing nothing
For the world
We could be
More than the rest
Without a motive
Without a chance
Choking on depression
Drop the bleach
Drop the camera
Pick up yourself
When the world caves in on you
Let them know you’re still alive
Kill the death that stalks you
Be a living example
Be a living example
Don’t don’t play dead
Be the living
Acceptance is temporary and should not be idolized
Our standards of living with a smile have drastically raised
Don’t blame the world when your the reason you want to die
Evidence still here, nothing but a joke.
Track Name: Infection 2.0
Disgusting waste
Walking defecate
Stand before us with shaking eyes
Preaching blasphemy, preaching lies
You come before us for no purpose
You know nothing you hold no truth
You are an infection to this world you need to be destroyed
Living for an empty cause, your mind is filth
There is no one else to blame for your choices now
Demons possess you, but you let them in
You claim we use our god as a gimmick
Your lies mean nothing to us
For you are an attention seeking whore
Just wait until your words begin to catch up to you
This will never bring you life
This will never let you live
You are the infection
You must be destroyed
You are the infection
You must be destroyed
Disgusting waste
Walking defecate
This is the destruction of you
This is the time you shall fall
Your mouth shall be sewn shut
Your eyes shall be removed