Universal Product

by Travesty Of Mankind



Debut Single


The world that we live upon,
The bodies we live within
Are mistreated gifts from God
Nobody seems to care
Who are we to destroy this land with our sin?
We are the vermin of the universe.

Mother Earth is the body
We are the bacteria
Hell on Earth is a manmade statement and truth
We crown kings and leaders who are not worthy of throne
We find peace by lying to ourselves

Humans are not better
We are not elite
No other lifeforms will bow to our feet

We neglect the truth with naked lies
We fall victim to what we despise
This is Hell on Earth
Product of crowning unworthy kings,
False prophets rule our freedom

Poisoning our bodies while we poison the world
Disfigured shapes, distorted faces of emptiness
Mother Earth will not feel like home anymore
A change we will soon regret will rise to the surface
You would die for your cellphone
You would sell your soul for sex
Universal product, stereotypical waste
You’re all the same

No matter where we turn our heads
These disgusting wastes can be seen
No matter where we turn our heads
These disgusting people can be seen


released March 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Travesty Of Mankind Reidsville, North Carolina

Extreme Music band from Reidsville NC.

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